The Premise

Welcome everyone to the blog. The purpose of this blog is for those who find themselves to be just as I, just left of right. In other words, you believe that fiscal and monetary policy should be developed by elected representative, but that pressing social issues should be determined by way of referendum.
This blog is specifically for Canadians, and much of the content will be relevant to the Canadian economic and political systems; although there will be extensions into American policy (privatization, for example).

The political that I propose is simple:
It will follow a very similar structure as it does now; where there are elected representatives for geographic- and populatoin- determined constituencies. These representatives will be MPs that will debate on a daily basis the issues that are facing the nation; whether they be administrative, legislative, executive, or economic, they shall be determined by a representative system. Further within the proposition is that politicians should be Economists, as oppose to lawyers, as the economic decisions a country faces will seal the fate of the progression of the society for years to come. But this is not imperative and will thus be discussed in greater detail at a later point in time.
The issues that will not be debated, nor determined, by the elected officals will be those that pertain to a social right or policy. For example, the abortion law would be a matter which would be dealt with by way of referendum. This is the only way to ensure a true majority decision of the people (democracy) with no influence whatsoever from partisan politics. There are myriad issues which will fall under this category, some more being: homosexual marriage, entering war, adoption policies, etc.
There are many ways in which this process can be implemented and executed; the most feasible being a website (assuming that all people within the society have access, or access can be granted, to the Internet) in which a citizen will log in with their Social Insursance Number, Drivers Licence Number, or Health Card Number and a predetermined password (last name possibly) to participate in the issues.
The more issues that become influenced by partisan politics, the more the distribution of method of determination will lean in favour of the referenda. There would be a suggested time period of once a month; meaning there would be 12 days a year in which the citizens of the country would particpate in a complete concensus pole to determine the fate of pressing social issues.
I believe this system to show an enormous amount of promise.
I believe that a system like this will create a more active passion for the legislative, and even economic, decisions that are made within parliament on a daily basis. If the people no longer feel alienated, they will be more willing to compromise and agree; as they see more value in their single vote. There will be greater government responsibility, as there can also be non-offical polls that can be used a system of checks and balances; where, if the majority partisan party is using its influence and deviates from the results of public opinion, there is a sign of non-confidence. The more complicated, and much more pertinent, decisions that must be made on a daily basis, mostly referring to those of economic policy, will still be made within Parliament. To think that the average citizen is truly capable of seeing the entire trickle-down effect of an economic decision is insulting to a PhD. in Economics or Finance. There is a need for true policy experts to be more prominent in the Canadian political forum, and thus this is a call for economists to pursue their interests in a position of greater public interest.

If you, in any way, find this propostion to be intriguing please leave comments, suggestions, criticisms, hate mail; whatever you'd like. Although, there is a preference for those with an interest in further pursuing such a prosition in the hope of implementing a true democracy; somewhere between the ideals of Ancient Greece and current manipulate Ameritocracy.


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Major Error Corrected.
In that mathetical section, the inequality should be Y/P
not Y/N
as P = N + L
I apologize for the error.

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